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Granite or Marble: Which is better for your Pittsburgh kitchen?

Granite and marble, we can all agree that they are both naturally occurring stones that can make the interiors of a home look beautiful. However, a common misconception about the two stones is that they have a lot of the same properties when it comes to durability and usefulness. The truth is that granite and marble are completely different countertops and one proves to be much more suitable for your kitchen needs than the other. The following information about granite and marble may make choosing between the two a lot easier when it comes to furnishing your Pittsburgh kitchen.

When compared to granite, marble is much less durable. Granite can withstand cutting, pounding, and chopping without using a cutting board. Even your sharpest knives will be unable to cut through or scratch a granite countertop.

However, when it comes to marble, the story has a different ending. Marble is nowhere near as durable as granite. Marble easily scrapes and scratches. It will also chip apart if you pound too much or too hard while cooking. Thus, if you do a lot of cooking in your Pittsburgh kitchen, then you will definitely want to choose a granite countertop over a marble countertop for your home.

Granite will also not become damaged when subjected to extreme amounts of heat. Granite is also able to stand up to more heat when compared to marble. You can place a pan fresh out of the oven on a granite countertop without having to place a pot holder underneath it for protection. Thus, when it comes to the battle between marble and granite, granite will be much more useful in your Pittsburgh kitchen.

Marble also tends to be more porous than granite. This means that granite is less subject to staining and bacteria growth than marble. Since marble has more pores than granite, it allows for bacteria to harbor within these pores and grow. The same problem exists when it comes to staining. The more pores a material has, the easier it is to stain and the harder it is to get the stain out. Therefore, when it comes to marble versus granite, granite wins again.

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